District 10 Little League

District 10 Little League Board of Directors

District Administrator:

Charlie Frampton

Assit. District Administrator:

Ryan Anderson

Chief Umpire/Director:

Al Haynes


Leigh Ann Holm



Chief Safety Director:

Cheryl Geiger

Assit Safety Director:

Lowell Johnson



Website Director:

Kathy Rigney



Softball Director:

Mike Beardsley

Softball Member at Large:

Bill Tomlinson

Softball Member at Large:


Umpire Consultant (TOC & 9-10 SB):

Justin Konold

Umpire Consultant (10-11 SB):

Justin Konold

Umpire Consultant (11-12 SB):

Dave Schartow

Umpire Consultant( 13-14 15-16 SB):

Dustin Nicholson



Tournament of Champions Director:

Tracey Armstrong



9-10 Baseball Director:

Leigh Ann Holm

Umpire Consultant (TOC 9-10 BB):

Ken Konold

Assit. Umpire Consultant (TOC 9-10 BB):

Reggie Ramey



10-11 Baseball Director:

Mike Sines

Umpire Consultant (10-11 BB):

Bob Stead



Little League Baseball Director:

Jennifer Lee

Umpire Consultant (LL BB):

Randy Lee

Assit. Umpire Consultant (LL BB):

Gary Winters



Junior Baseball Director:

John Umar

Assit. Junior Baseball Director:


Umpire Consultant (JR BB):

Chad Durbin

Umpire Consultant (JR BB):




Senior Baseball Director:

Bob Proctor

Assit. Senior Baseball Director:


Umpire Consultant (SR BB)

Bruce Harjehausen